Handcrafted body butters and pain relieving
balms made with organic ingredients.

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ylang ylang

Learn all about our ingredients.

At Chiki Buttah Products we use organic oils and this and that to make our products incredibly amazing . . .

Hair Care

Inflammation? Injury?
Tension, tired Muscles?

Body Care

Give your skin that
Chiki Glow!

Pain Relief

Inflammation? Injury?
Tension, tired Muscles?

Organic Perfume

A luxurious perfume oil using
many of the quintessential oils.

Satisfied customers

"I love knowing that the products are handmade with love and quality ingredients. Nothing works better than muscle tension balm to gently warm sore muscles and melt away inflammation and pain. It's definitely ‘the balm’!" Testi 01
"When you do everything with love and love everything you do, open up your heart and let your light shine through, there is a palpable difference in the final product." Testi 02
"We love the lip balm! My son has chronic chapped lips this time of year. It was so bad when school started that the cracks lead to a skin infection and several rounds of antibiotics. We have tried everything, every brand we could find. This has been the first thing that has made a difference!! It's amazing!! I would love to try your other product- the pain cream! Thanks!" Heather Stiles
"My life changed when I found this product. I am constantly looking for something to rub on my body that will get rid of pain and smell really good. I FOUND IT... Muscle Tension Balm is my best friend. I tried all the products on the shelves in many stores that say pain reliever. NOTHING works like Muscle Tension Balm. Best of all, it smells delicious from all the essential oils. I just put another order in to try more of your products. keep up the good work!!!! " Stella
"I have been using Chiki Buttah products exclusively now for two years. The Chiki Face has enriched my skin with smoothness, deep hydration and reduced signs of aging. Chiki Chill serves to reduce soreness and muscle aches from my rigorous lifestyle as an African dancer. Rub it on before bed... massage it in and wake up feeling a reduction in soreness. " Elvie Schooley
"I love chiki buttah! I take it with me everywhere. I just scrapped the last of my muscle rub out in Mexico and was hoping she's coming to Camp Fareta again so I can purchase more. But now that she has a website I'll order from there. " Heather Plaza
"I've been using chiki buttah skin care products from its inception, and I must say that I'll never stop! I especially love the buttah, lip, shape shifter and muscle tension balm! Thank you so very much Kim for creating such a wonderful line infused with integrity!" Linda Seidel
"I love both chiki buttah and the chill. The buttah is the best body cream ever, especially good on the feet. The chill takes care of those aches and pains fast. I put it on my hips at night for a good night sleep...pain free!" Linda Schaffner
"I really like the chiki face and the chiki lips! The products feel very nice on my skin: very emollient and slightly tightening. I have never found a better lip product. i use it by itself and no longer feel the need for lipstick. I appreciate that the ingredients are pure and non-toxic." Holly Ice